Everything you need to know about Balaur Arms

If you want to keep a collection of medieval swords and also looking to purchase them at an affordable price, Balaur Arms is the ideal place for you. It is a well-known medieval sword-making brand, which offers swords at an affordable price range to its customer. They also maintain the quality of the swords.

It works in a partnership with Kult of Athena and already made its name in the world of producing replica swords. The quality of their swords and also the lower cost attract most customers. We will go through everything about this brand, and if you are interested, then don't leave it here.

Balaur Arms

What is Balaur Arms

Balaur Arms is a sword-making company, which makes medieval replica swords. It has a partnership with one of the most popular sword-making brands, Kult of Athena. With the partnership and supervision of the makers from KOA, Balaur Arms has already made its name.

  1. The factory of Balaur arms is situated in India and their partnership with KOA started in 2018.
  2. The most interesting side of this brand is that they ensure the quality of the sword and bring the real medieval sword feel.
  3. With the improved quality, they didn't increase the price. Rather, they produce their swords at an affordable price segment.
  4. They basically make the swords for modern sword collectors, who mostly have an interest in medieval swords.

Types of swords in Balaur Arms

Balaur Arms produce medieval swords, but still, there are some classifications of their swords. On the swords making a list, it has European swords, Italian long swords, and Damascus steel swords. Let’s break into the details of these swords.

European swords: When we are talking about medieval swords, we have to include European swords and Balaur Arms has done the same. They construct European swords from the high medieval period, which includes Viking swords and several designs of long swords as well. The only difference between these replica European swords and real medieval swords is the sharpened blade.

The swords are manufactured in India and Indian export law doesn't allow the shipping of sharpened swords due to safety issues. For this reason, most of these replica swords come unsharpened.

Italian swords: Although Italian swords are European swords, it has still some distinguishable characteristics. Balaur Arms manufactured different types of Italian swords keeping the medieval sword's design in mind. It includes the 12th-century Teutonic sword, 13th-century long sword, 14th-century long sword, and 15th-century Arming sword.

The weight and design of these Italian long swords allow single-handed use. Also, for precision cut and thrust, one can use both hands. The blade has a carbon steel construction with a hollow ground design. The makers have properly mounted the blade into the hilt. The crossguard and pommel have a steel construction.

Damascus steel swords: Balaur Arms used the traditional Indian Damascus sword pattern in some of their small swords. This includes daggers, lang seax, spearheads, and so on. It is not a suitable pattern on the long swords, so the makers put it on smaller sword items.

About Balaur Arms swords

To distinguish Balaur Arms swords, you need to know the ways. There are some common characteristics, which are available in most of these swords.

Medieval appearance: The outlook and design of medieval swords at a lower cost is the first sign of Balaur Arms swords. No other sword-making brand offers such replica swords with realistic designs at this price range.

Blade construction and design: The makers use carbon steel or spring steel to construct the blade. Most of these swords have blades with distal tapers. The lightweight blade construction allows one-handed usage. Moreover, the blades have a hollow ground cross-section design, which reduces the weight.

Pommel and crossguard construction: Both pommels and cross guards come with steel construction. However, the pommel has peened construction along with thick, beefy tangs. The pommel comes with hand forging.  

Wooden grip: The manufacturer used wood to construct the grip. The handle grip of the swords has risers and overwrap impressions.

Leather scabbard: On the wooden grip, there is a leather scabbard used to provide a premium feel. Although the leather used on the scabbard is cheap, it does provide a high-end feel to the user.

Unsharpened blade edge: Due to Indian export law, most Balaur Arm swords have unsharpened blade edges. However, it sharpens the blade edge violating the law before shipping them.

What are Balaur Arms swords made of

The primary material to construct Balaur swords is 5160 spring steel, which ensures a tough and robust build quality. In some rare models, the makers use carbon steel for construction. The blade of the sword is tempered to 56 to 58 HRc hardness.

To bring a realistic look to these replica swords, the manufacturer put a satin polish finish on the blade. However, they also used steel to construct the pommel and crossguard of the sword. The hilt and grip come hand-forged with wooden construction. Hence, they used a premium-looking leather scabbard on the hilt.

Are Balaur Arms swords expensive?

No, Balaur Arms swords aren't expensive; rather their affordability is one of the special features of this brand. Most of their Balaur Arms swords are available from $200 to $300. For swords collectors, especially medieval swords collectors, the price range doesn't seem to hurt his wallet a lot.

However, as a buyer, you don't need to worry about the quality of the swords. Within this affordable price range, the brand has provided the fullest quality to the users. They have also brought back the realistic look of medieval swords and proved these are the ideal replicas of medieval swords. Would you like to Medieval Helmet see our article.

Why Balaur Arms is a good brand

Isn’t it an easy question to answer after you have already known details about the brand? Indeed, the swords from Balaur Arms aren’t real medieval swords .pdf, but what they offer in the swords completely takes the user to the medieval age.

Affordable price: The reason why most sword collectors will go for Balaur Arms swords is their affordability. Finding such quality replica swords under a cheap costing isn’t that easy. They have also maintained the quality within this price segment.

Realistic vibe: It doesn't matter if the swords are only replicas of medieval swords. It will be a tough task for a visitor in your home to identify whether it's a real sword or not. The manufacturer has put a lot of importance on bringing a realistic vibe to their swords.  

Premium look: Although the materials used on the blade are high-end, the wood and leather on the hilt area aren't. But don't worry, the leather scabbard is used to provide a premium look to the sword. 

Lightweight: The blade used on the swords is lightweight and it makes them appropriate for one-handed use. Also, the user won't have too much difficulty with the transportation of the swords.

Where to get Balaur Arms sword

Balaur Arms brand is owned by one of the famous sword-making companies, Kult of Athena. So when you have made your mind to purchase a Balaur Arms sword, you simply need to visit KoA's official website and purchase your favorite medieval replica sword. You will get your sword at an affordable price from Balaur Arms.

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