Everything you need to know about khopesh scabbard

To keep the hook-shaped blade of a khopesh safe from rusting, damage and also ensure you remain safe while carrying this sword, a scabbard is necessary. Khopesh scabbard is simply a protective gear for the sword and also for the carrier. Without ensuring proper protection, the sword blade has every bit of chance of rusting.

And if the hook-shaped blade alongside the sharpened outside edge loses the quality, the sword will remain of no use. There are both leather and metal scabbard available. They are used depending on the sharpness of the blade edge.

khopesh scabbard

What is khopesh

Khopesh is an ancient Egyptian battle sword, which has a sickle-shaped blade. The sharpened side of the sword is on the outside edge, not on the hook-shaped end. During the Bronze Age, khopesh is regarded as one of the most influential weapons.

  1. Ancient Egyptian khopesh is 20 to 24 inches long. However, there is some smaller khopesh also available, which are often compared to a machete.
  2. The sword has a hook or curved inside blade designed. However, the sharpened part is on the opposite or outer end of the blade.
  3. The Egyptians used bronze to construct one of their finest hacking swords.
  4. With an excellent hooking and a slashing ability of the sword, it is regarded as a great weapon for close combats.

Why is a scabbard necessary for a khopesh?

The sheath or protective cover that holds the large blade of a sword is called a scabbard. This is used to keep the sword blade away from damage and also safe others from the sharpened edge of the blade.

  1. Khopesh is mainly known for hooking, but it does have a sharpened edge on the opposite side of the curve. Only by covering the edge with a sheath, it can stay safe and also keep others safe.
  2. Regardless of the materials used to construct the sword blade, it has every possible chance of rust. But keeping it inside the scabbard will save the bronze structure of the khopesh from rusting.
  3. It is also used as a protection from dampness, dust, and mud, which is another noteworthy reason behind the rust of a sword blade.

What is a khopesh scabbard made out of

Most commonly a khopesh scabbard is made out of leather or wood. However, it is always cool if you use a metal scabbard to keep the sword protected. The construction of a scabbard mainly depends on the sharpness of the blade, and not every time a leather scabbard is going to be ideal for the blade.

  1. Leather is the most common material used to make a scabbard. At the same time, it turns out to be the less durable one if the sword blade is way sharper than the majority of swords.
  2. The best solution to make a leather scabbard durable is by adding a wooden finish to it. The combination of wood and leather seems to suit any sort of blade.
  3. The strongest scabbard material is metal, which can be either brass or steel. But the problem arrives when the question is about rusting. If a khopesh remains inside a metal scabbard, unused for a long time, it is surely to rust.

What is the purpose of a scabbard?

There are two primary purposes of a scabbard. The first one is to protect the carrier and the other from injures of the sharpened sword blade. And the second one is to protect the sword blade itself and increase longevity.

When you are carrying a weapon into the battleground, you may hold it or keep it along your body. In the second case, it is necessary to ensure your own safety from the sharpened edge of the sword blade. That is when a scabbard comes in handy.

If the sharpness of the blade fades away, the performance from the blade fades away too. But providing a proper scabbard as the shield of the blade when it is not in use can maintain the sharpness of the blade.

A secondary sword must be covered inside a scabbard. The covering should be protective and allow the user to bring out the sword in use quickly when required.

What is the significance of khopesh?

Khopesh is almost a similar weapon compared to a battle axe, but the innovative style does make it a significant weapon on the battlefields. It was used by the Egyptians during the Bronze Age.

  1. The hook-shaped inside blade structure of the sword allows hooking the opponent's arm and then uses the sharpened blade to cut or slash him.
  2. Although it doesn't offer good penetration or thrusting swings, the one-handed use does allow easy swings.
  3. As a secondary weapon, it has a great significance on the battlefields.
  4. It is regarded as one of the most efficient Bronze Age weapons for close combat fights.

Why was the khopesh sword used?

Khopesh is mainly a slicing and cutting weapon. But as it has an axe like design or simply a hook design, it also allows hacking the opponents.

  1. With a sickle-shaped blade, the sword holder can easily take possession of the opponent by hooking one of the exposed body parts.
  2. One can also thrust the sharpened tip of the hooking of this sword into the neck, arm, wrist, etc.
  3. The backside of the sword offers a natural sharpened edge, which is used to cut, slash or slice the targets.
  4. With the inside hook, you can also take out the shield and attack the limbs of the opponent.

Why is khopesh never been used since ancient Egypt

There are different points of view available regarding the question, why this famous khopesh never has been used since ancient Egypt.

  1. Khopesh is an axe-like sword with an innovative design, which has bronze construction. But bronze isn't a strong material like steel or iron. The brittle and breakable nature of the sword constantly made it inappropriate for battles. Thus it lost its usability.
  2. Change of battles and battle weapons is another noteworthy reason why the use of khopesh decreased. With the advanced fighting techniques, the design of the sword seemed not to match.
  3. Often the sword becomes useless as it can’t go and break the shield or armor of the opponents.
  4. It was mostly used as a secondary weapon and with less production of bronze after the Bronze Age, the usability of khopesh as a secondary weapon almost ended.

1. Neptune Trading Inc. Official Licensed Assasin’s Creed Origins Egypt Khopesh

  1. The blade has stainless steel construction, and the handle comes with hard plastic construction.
  2. This Egyptian khopesh comes with a 23 inches long blade.
  3. The sword's overall length is around 30 inches, where the handle itself is around 7 inches long.
  4. It comes with a dull, unsharpened blade edge.
  5. There is a leather sheath included with a sword for safety.

Deepeeka-AH4317 Khopish (Black)

  1. The sword comes with an EN45 high carbon steel blade with a brass serpent design and a black finish.
  2. It comes with a wooden grip, which has a brass pommel and accents.
  3. The blade comes unsharpened.

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