Best axe throwing target wood reviews 2023

If the axe pops out from the target, it becomes too much risky to continue throwing at the same target. To solve this problem, you need to select a quality wooden board. The thrown axes or other sharp blades should stick on the board.

There are different types of wood available, which are used to construct axe throwing targets. Our first pick BIGSHOT Wooden Axe Throwing Target with Bottle Opener comes with plywood construction. There are also plywood and spruce wood used for the targets.

The size of the board also matters when you are buying it for professional use. You will have a detailed discussion about all these things in the buying guide section.

Best axe throwing target wood

Top picks

BIGSHOT Wooden Axe Throwing Target with Bottle Opener: It comes with cabinet-grade ¾ plywood construction and has pre-installed chain hardware for hanging.

BODRUM WOODEN Throwing Wooden Target: It is a double-sided board with a spruce wood structure. It has an industrial-grade hanging chain.

Generic Tomahawk Targets - Foldable Wooden Axe Throwing Target: It comes with the hand-painted target. It has foldable legs, handles, and weapon holders.

 CTK PRECISION P3 Ultimate Target Stand: The target stands come with heavy-duty tension plates having a 14-gauge construction.

axe throwing target wood

Best wood for axe throwing target

1. BIGSHOT Wooden Axe Throwing Target with Bottle Opener



Weight: 38.36 pounds

Key features

  1. The target comes with heavy-duty cabinet-grade ¾ plywood construction.
  2. It is an official size board for home practice.
  3. There is hanging chain hardware available on the board.
  4. It measures 35.5 inches in length and 27.5 inches in width.
  5. It also includes a bottle opener.
  6. The target is compatible with an axe, hatchet, tomahawk, knife, and star.

Regulation size board: The board measures 35.5 inches in length and 27.5 inches in width. The board dimension meets the official regulation, which provides a professional feel to the users. However, the bullseye, clutch, and other markings enhance the throwing performance. It also allows the thrower to do better in the upcoming days.

Recreational usage: Although the board comes in regulation size and has professional axe throwing target specifications, it is better for recreational activities. According to the manufacturer, users should hang it in their homes for practice or recreational hours with fun. But it won't be a suitable choice for professional games.

Strength of the board: The manufacturer ensured the quality of the board by using ¾ plywood, which is heavy-duty. And it also offers high-strength construction for recreational purposes. The strength of the board is enough to handle the sharp blades of axes. Except for axe, it is also usable for hatchet, knife, tomahawk, and stars.

Easy to install: Unpack the board and install it in a suitable place according to your comfort. There isn't much to worry about the installation, because the manufacturer has already added hanging chain hardware to the board. Through this chain, you can conveniently hang the board.


  1. The heavy-duty and high-strength plywood construction lets the board withstand razor-sharp blades.
  2. It is easy to install as it comes with a pre-installed hanging chain.
  3. The size is enough for homely practice hours.
  4. It is perfectly marked to professional axe throwing competition feeling.
  5. The target performs better in wet conditions.

3. BODRUM WOODEN Throwing Wooden Target



Weight: 9.26 pounds

Key features:

  1. The manufacturer has used heavy-duty spruce wood to construct the target.
  2. It measures 20 inches in length by 20 inches in width by 2 inches in depth.
  3. It comes with an industrial-grade hanging chain and connecting apparatus.
  4. It is a double-sided board with target rings and a target face on both sides.
  5. There are professionally marked target outlines available.
  6. It is compatible with axes, hatchets, and knives.

Quality construction: The manufacturer has used one of the most resistant woods to construct this axe-throwing target spruce wood. It provides both strength and softness on the board. The strength enhances the lifespan of the board itself, and the softness enhances the axe lifespan.

The board is usable for axe throwing, hatchet throwing, and knife throwing. Due to the spruce wood construction, the axe sticks on the target precisely, and it also provides a deeper cut. The target prevents any chipping or splitting.

Versatile use: It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or just want to have some fun through axe throwing on this target, or want to practice for a professional game. In both these situations, the target is going to be a perfect companion for the throwers.

Easy to mount: It comes with an industrial-grade hanging chain that is common in most quality wooden axe throwing targets. But the makers have also added connecting apparatus with it to quicken the installation process. You can easily hang and mount it on the wall. However, hanging doesn't seem safe; you can drill and screw it permanently to the wall.

Double-sided design: Unlike most wooden axe throwing targets, it comes with a different design because of having boards on both sides. On the front side, it has a traditional target marked with target lines. On the other side, there is a black target face.

Perfect size: It measures 20 inches in length & width, and the depth is 2 inches, which makes it a perfectly sized throwing target in indoor and outdoor situations.


  1. With the combination of strength and softness, there is an increase in axes lifespan.
  2. The wood has superb resistance that prevents splitting and chipping.
  3. The axe makes a deeper cut and sticks on the target.
  4. It is easier to mount and hang the target with a hanging chain and apparatus.
  5. It is usable in both indoor and outdoor conditions.
  6. Both beginners and professionals will find this target in handy.

4. Generic Tomahawk Targets - Foldable Wooden Axe Throwing Target


Brand: Generic

Weight: 50 pounds

Key features

  1. The wooden axe throwing target comes with a stained frame design.
  2. It measures 45 inches in length by 30 inches in width by 5 inches in depth.
  3. It is a hand-painted target.
  4. The manufacturer has added foldable legs with the target.
  5. It also includes handles and weapon holders.
  6. It is made for parties, recreational events, and throwing practice.

Portable design: Most wooden targets don't offer easy portability to the users, but it does. It comes with sturdy legs, which ensures a sturdy setup. But when you need to transport the target anywhere else, you can easily fold it down and take it on the go.

The foldable design also makes it easier for the users to store it in a compact space, not look for a large space. You need to fold it down and keep it safely anywhere inside your home.

Easy setup: Take the target out of the box and screw the legs underneath the wooden piece. It only takes a few minutes to get it ready for use. It is slightly different from the other wooden targets in this manner as most of them come with a hanging chain. However, the legs are sturdy enough to make throws from axes and knives continuously.

Beautiful craftsmanship: Not every wooden axe throwing target comes with a hand-painted target area. However, here the makers have designed it with hand painting and make it look much beautiful. The bullseye area is red, and they kept a natural wooden color around it.

Circling this wooden color, there is a final black target designed. Also, to enhance the design, the makers put red color circles on top of two corners on the board. They also put on the brand name using hand-painted.

Usage: It is not a professional axe-throwing target, rather a recreational one. You can make it usable for parties, recreational events, or throwing practice. But it won't be a good choice for professional throwers.


  1. The foldable design makes it easy to store and transport.
  2. You can install and set up the target within a few minutes.
  3. It supports both axes and knife throwing.
  4. The extra depth enables the weapon to stick on the target after being thrown.
  5. It has beautiful craftsmanship and a durable structure.

5. CTK PRECISION P3 Ultimate Target Stand



Weight: 5.6 pounds

Key features

  1. The target stands come with heavy-duty 14 gauge construction.
  2. There are two stand support legs included.
  3. The package includes two targets stand support braces.
  4. It has four large & sturdy tightening knobs and four larger paper target clips.
  5. It is compatible with paper and cardboard targets of any size.
  6. It comes with heavy-duty tension plates.

Strength of the stands: The stands have heavy-duty and robust construction, which ensures a sturdy setup. With the E-coat finish, the tension plates increase the durability. It also has a heavy-duty 14-gauge construction.

Easy to setup: Before you put on the target on these stands, you need to ensure a safe and sturdy setup. And there is nothing to worry about the sturdiness of these stands. The user needs no tools at all for setup.

Again, it takes only a few seconds for the process. You will enjoy breaking it down also as it is as easy as the setup process within a few seconds.

Compatibility: The stands are made for paper or cardboard targets, not for heavyweight wooden boards. However, you can use paper or cardboard of any size on the stands as it is made to accommodate any size of these boards.

Inclusions: The manufacturer has added two targets stand support legs, two targets stand support braces, and four large & sturdy tightening knobs, four larger paper clips.


  1. The target stands offer extra durability inside and outside with an E-coat finish.
  2. You will have a firm grip and hold on the furring strips with the innovative tension plates.
  3. It requires no tools for setup and offers quick setup & breakdown.
  4. The angled legs of the stand provide a stable 4 point stance letting it stand on uneven terrain.
  5. The heavy-duty tension plates provide an extra contact surface.

Things to consider before buying axe throwing target woods

axe target wood

There are some crucial things a buyer should consider every time before purchasing axe throwing target woods. This will help him choose the right board according to his needs and also ensures having a long-lasting service.

  1. Plywood, pinewood, and spruce woods are mainly used for target construction.
  2. The size differs for recreational and professional purposes.
  3. The board should be easy to set up.
  4. Except for axes, they should be compatible with other sharp weapons.
  5. Some targets have better portability.

Without having to ensure these basic features, you might not have a safe playing environment, even if you put on a medieval helmet.

Strong and durable construction: There are three common kinds of wood used to make axe throwing targets that include plywood, spruce wood, and pine wood. The strength and durability of these woods make them a suitable choice to withstand continuous throws from sharp blades.

Spruce wood is the most durable one on the list; it has a better depth that offers deeper cuts through any sharp blade. Before selecting any board, you need to ensure that the axe must stick on the board and don't pop up immediately.

Size depends on the purpose: There are mainly two types of the use of these boards, recreational and professional. Recreational boards don’t have to come in keeping the regulation size, but professional boards have to. And professional boards are slightly larger than those used for recreational purposes.

Recreational target boards are perfect for parties or any events. Even if you are buying one for a beginner, you should look for a recreational board. However, some boards are usable for both recreational and professional purposes. For practice sessions, recreational boards are better.

Mounting process: Most axe-throwing wooden targets come with a built-in hanging chain, and some of these also have an apparatus connector. It simply makes the mounting process more convenient as you need to hang it on the wall.

However, if you feel only hanging doesn’t make the setup safe enough you can try screwing the board on the wall for extra sturdiness. You might not find the screws in the package.

However, there is another type of target board that comes with sturdy legs. You need a chain or screws in the previous two mounting processes, but need nothing to expand the legs. Although the setup process is much easier with the legs, it doesn't form a sturdy setup like the other two.

Compatibility: You are buying axe throwing targets, and that simply doesn't mean it should only be compatible with axes. A quality wooden target must be compatible with knives, hatchets, and tomahawks. It offers versatile performance from the target.

Especially, when you are using it in a program, the versatility will come in handy. Different participants can throw their most preferable weapons in the same target, and it will perfectly withstand the throws.

Design: The traditional design of the axe throwing target is to be rectangular and have circular target markings. Any recreational or professional target should have this basic design. However, some boards come with double-sided targets having a black human face shape on the backside.

This design simply doubles the fun when you are looking for a recreational target board. Also, the beauty of the board comes out when the makers rely on hand-painted to show the target marks on the board surface.

The design of the board also indicates whether it is for indoor usage or outdoor usage. However, many wooden targets offer both indoor and outdoor usage.

Portability: If you need to take the throwing target on the go often, you should look for a portable one. The portability depends largely on the design. Targets with foldable legs are easily portable. While transporting, you can easily fold it down and transform it into a small one. This makes transportation much convenient.

What kind of wood is ideal for axe throwing targets

It's not an easy question to answer, because there are two things you need to consider while selecting the wood for axe throwing targets.

  1. The wood should be strong enough to withstand the throws from the sharp blade,
  2. It should offer a soft surface, which ensures the axe will stick on it.

Depending on these two things, the manufacturers rely on three types of wood mostly include pinewood, plywood, and spruce wood.

Pinewood: It is the most common type of wood used to make axe throwing targets. The strength of the wood is enough for long time performance. Also, there isn't much to worry about the sticky nature of this target. It is good for both recreational and professional purposes.

Plywood: Plywood isn't a preferable material for professional events because of its non-sticky nature. The board has the least depth compared to the other two types, and it sometimes damages the wall due to continuous throwing.

Spruce wood: Spruce is the most durable and resistant wood available in the market right now, which is a great option for professional usage. It has extra depth on the board, which allows the sharp blade weapon to stick on it. In professional matches, it can ensure better safety because of the soft but strong surface.

Design of axe throwing targets

axe target

There is a basic design of axe throwing targets, but the dimension may vary depending on the purpose of use. So here, we will only talk about the design of the targets.

  1. The target is typically rectangular shaped.
  2. There are typically three circular target markings on the board known as rings.
  3. It has two small rings on two top corners known as a clutch.
  4. The center target is called the bullseye.

Regardless of the purpose of the target, you will find it rectangular shaped with circular markings inside. In the game, these circular markings have different point values. The highest scoring marking area is referred to by bullseye, and it is situated at the middle of the board.

However, the riskiest scoring areas are the two clutches. If someone targets these two corner rings and if misses, he will get no points at all. But if he hits, it will be worth him ten points.

How much do woods for axe throwing targets cost?

The cost of axe throwing wooden targets ranges from $100 to $290 approximately. Traditional targets with hanging chain design will cost around $120 to $150. But the cost increases its highest peak when you are purchasing one with foldable legs. Double-sided targets are not much thicker, so they are mostly affordable.

How to build axe throwing target

To make a homemade axe throwing target you should follow the basic steps given below and work accordingly.

  1. First, choose strong wood with a soft surface and ensure it doesn't have many knots.
  2. Drill the center of the board to make the bullseye.
  3. Now use a paintbrush to draw other rings around the bullseye.
  4. At last, draw the clutches on the top corners.
  5. Attach the target using screws at a regulation height to finish off the process.


How big the wood should be for the axe throwing target?

There is no regulation dimension for the wood as it depends on the purpose of use.

Is it possible to throw axes on homemade targets?

Yes, it is possible to throw axes on homemade targets. But they might not be appropriate for professional use.

What is the best wood for axe throwing targets?

Pinewood, plywood, and spruce wood are the best woods for axe throwing targets.

What should the height of a target be?

The target height should be decided depending on the users’ preference, but the regulation height is around 63 inches.

Final thoughts

So which one of these woods for axe throwing target seems suitable for you? Before you answer this question, decide for what purpose you are looking for one. Different wooden targets have different qualities, and you should know what qualities you need.

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