Best Medieval Helmet Reviews

Do you have an interest in sword fights and also want to have some historical experience? Then you get a medieval helmet alongside a medieval sword. The construction of these helmets provides a realistic medieval helmets feel. Also, the chin straps with the helmet ensure a proper fitting on the head.

The adjustable chin straps like AnNafi Brass Crusader Helmet | Medieval Metal Knight Helmets. Most of these helmets come with metal construction. Even if any of these helmets have plastic construction, they will have a metal finish. The size of the helmet fits almost all head circumference. You will learn more about these things in the buying guide section.

Best Medieval Helmet

1. AnNafi Brass Crusader Helmet | Medieval Metal Knight Helmets


Brand: AnNafi

Weight: 4 pounds

Key Features

  1. The helmet comes with iron steel metal construction.
  2. It has a fitted faux leather liner and adjustable chinstrap.
  3. There are narrow eye slots designed on the upper side.
  4. It has a fully ventilated design.
  5. The manufacturer used a metal-black color inside.

If you love putting on a medieval outfit for any occasion, you must have a try on this. The protective design and outlook of the helmet provide a medieval soldier feel. Even throughout the well-ventilated design, the manufacturer of the helmet doesn’t compromise the quality.

The helmet securely stays on the head with the chinstrap design. If you are even running wearing this, it won’t fell. With a complete royal warrior feel, it ensures protection.


  1. It offers a sturdy and durable construction.
  2. The helmet is easy to wear.
  3. With the leather liner and adjustable chinstraps, it ensures extended comfort.
  4. The hard protective shell reduces the chances of head injuries.
  5. The proper ventilated design makes it appropriate for long time use.
  6. It offers a unique look to the user.

2. MIR Medival Barbuta Helmet Knights Templar Crusader Armour Helmet


Brand: MIR

Weight: 4.6 pounds

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used 18-gauge iron steel.
  2. It has a visor with two-way openings.
  3. The helmet has a hook closure design.
  4. It fits 23 to 26 inches medium head circumference.
  5. It fits 24 to 28 inches large head circumference.
  6. This helmet has a versatile, medieval design.

Measure your head circumference and choose one particular size of the helmet that fits properly on the head. The helmet comes with a medieval-style visor, and the best side of this visor is that it has two different openings. The addition of the visor doesn't create obstacles.


  1. The helmet is wearable on both medium and large sizes of heads.
  2. It offers supreme versatility to the user.
  3. You can rotate the visor up or one pin on the right side of the helmet.
  4. The hook closure keeps the helmet securely placed in the position.
  5. It is an ideal choice for live-action role-playing.
  6. AnNafi Brass Crusader Helmet vs. MIR Medival Barbuta Helmet

The main difference: The visor in the first one is permanent, but one can open it two ways in the second one.

3. Armory Replicas Medieval Saxon Nasal Helmet


Brand: Armory Replicas

Weight: 5.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer built the helmet with 18-gauge carbon steel and using hand-forging.
  2. There is a grooved rim that encircles the helmet.
  3. It measures 10 inches in height, 8 inches in width, and 9 inches in diameter.
  4. The forehead circumference of the helmet is 26.77 inches.
  5. There is a mail aventail designed at the back of the head.

No matter what is the reason behind putting a helmet on the head, you can always trust this one. The design of the helmet ensures a bit of extra protection on the back of the head. The nose and mouth area is open, which provides easy breathability and visibility.

The durable construction ensures a long-lasting performance from this medieval helmet.


  1. The carbon steel construction makes the helmet tough and durable.
  2. The design of the helmet provides easy breathability and visibility.
  3. The user gets additional protection on the back of the head because of the aventail design.
  4. It is a value for money product.

4. Medieval Armour King Leonidas Greek Spartan 300 Roman Helmet



Weight: 6.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used 18-gauge mild steel to construct the helmet.
  2. They used wood and leather finish on the helmet.
  3. It is a full-sized adult wearing helmet.
  4. There is an inner liner included in the helmet.
  5. It also comes included with a stand.  
  6. There is a removable horse hair black plume.

This helmet gives you a feel of the Roman Empire with the design and robust structure it has. You need not ask any questions about the helmet's durability as the manufacturer used mild steel for the construction. The helmet comes in an adult size to make it fit for a regulation head size.

The black horsehair plume provides a more snug fit on the head. The inclusion of the stand makes it a fine choice.


  1. The straps inside the helmet provide a snug fit to the user.
  2. The use of quality metal ensures the durability of the helmet.
  3. It is a value for money product.
  4. It provides comfortable wearing to any adult-size head.
  5. The helmet is handy during travel times.

5. Whetstone Cutlery Medieval Knight's Full-Size Armor Helmet


Brand: Whetstone Cutlery

Weight: 8 pounds

Key Features

  1. The helmet is hand-crafted from 18-gauge steel.
  2. It has a full-size reproduction with a bright steel finish.
  3. It comes with brass accents.
  4. It allows individual customizing.
  5. It is a fully wearable steel helmet.

Whether you want to decorate your living room or put on a warrior helmet for recreation purposes, you can choose this one. The history lovers can easily choose this one, and it will provide him a Roman soldier feel. The addition of customizable features adds much beauty to the helmet.

The strong-steel construction of the helmet ensures the durability of the item and also provides long-lasting performance.


  1. The helmet offers better functionality and adjustability.
  2. This fully wearable design makes it appropriate for history lovers.
  3. The bright steel finish ensures the durability of the item.
  4. You can customize the helmet as there isn’t any lining or suspension provided.
  5. It is a perfect item for both decoration and usage.

6. Medieval Warrior Brand Kingsguard Helmet


Brand: Medieval Warrior


Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used 18-gauge steel to construct the helmet.
  2. The helmet measures 13 inches in length.
  3. There is leather lining available inside the helmet.
  4. It comes with a helmet stand.
  5. It is a one size fits all helmet.

By including a stand, the helmet's makers made it a suitable choice for decorating your home if you are a historical events lover. The design and size of the helmet make it a one size fits all item, which allows persons with any circumference to put it on.

If you are going to purchase it, you don’t have to get worried about the construction and durability of the helmet as well.


  1. The steel construction ensures a durable and long-lasting performance from the helmet.
  2. The size of the helmet makes it appropriate for almost every head size.
  3. With the leather lining, the helmet ensures comfortable wearing.
  4. You can also use it as a decorative item with the stand included.

7. Medieval Barbuta Visored Brushed Steel Knights Armory Templar Crusader's Helmet


Brand: Nagina International

Weight: 5 pounds

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used 1 mm mild steel with leather for the construction of the helmet.
  2. It comes with padded fittings and inlay to grains.
  3. The chin area of the helmet is functional and elegant.
  4. There are two rectangular openings available in the visor for the eyes.
  5. It has a malt cross design for proper ventilation.
  6. There is a fastened leather straps under the chin area.

The wearer of this helmet will have no complexities whatsoever because of the visor. The rectangular-shaped visor provides enough vision to the outer world. Another good side of the helmet is that it has straps for a snug and secure fit.

The design of the helmet makes it appropriate for any fantasy programs as well as you can decorate the living room with it.


  1. One can wear the visor open on the helmet as it is mobile.
  2. The user gets adequate ventilation and breathability because of the malt cross design.
  3. The leather straps in the chin area provide a snug and strong fit to the helmet.
  4. It is an exquisite choice for fantasy settings.
  5. The elegant look and comfortable wearing make it an attractive item in the field.

8. Nicky Bigs Novelties Medieval Knight Helmet Costume Headwear Accessory


Brand: Nicky Bigs Novelties


Key Features

  1. The helmet comes with realistic plastic construction that has a realistic-metal appearance of pewter color paint.
  2. The manufacturer used scuffs and scratches on the surface of the helmet.
  3. It is 9 inches tall and 23 inches in circumference.
  4. There are hinges on the sides of the helmet.
  5. The folding style is appropriate for both adults and kids.

Only having a great look with the helmet won’t be enough if it doesn’t stay snugly fit. With chin straps designed inside the helmet, you need not worry about the fitting. Meanwhile, the metal-like appearance on the helmet provides a realistic feel.

The makers also added some scratches to the helmet's design to bring the most realistic feel to this plastic helmet.


  1. With the hinges on the sides, the front of the helmet flips up easily.
  2. The metal appearance on the surface of the helmet provides a realistic feel.
  3. It is an appropriate addition to any knight costume.
  4. The folding mask design makes it a suitable choice for most kids and adults.
  5. The helmet comes with quality ensured.

9. Medieval Gears Brand Functional Medieval Barbute Helmet


Brand: Medieval Gears

Weight: 7 pounds

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used polished 16-gauge steel for the construction of the helmet.
  2. It is a barbute style helmet with a circumference of 26.7 inches.
  3. The helmet measures 10.5 inches in length.
  4. It has either T-shaped or Y-shaped openings.
  5. There is a leather liner included in the helmet.
  6. It has leather chin straps with a brass buckle.

It is a top-class quality helmet, and there isn't anything you need to worry about in terms of quality. However, with the chin straps and buckles, the helmet ensures a snug fit. This functional helmet is appropriate for sparring, LARP, and cosplay use.


  1. The hand-crafted steel construction provides a durable performance from the helmet.
  2. The chin straps with brass buckle design allow easy and secure fit.
  3. Regardless of the design, the helmet will cover almost the whole face.
  4. It is a fully functional helmet.

How to choose medieval helmets

Choosing medieval helmets turns out an easy task for any buyer if he exactly knows what things to consider before buying.

Build quality: Most medieval helmets have metal construction, and 18-gauge steel is the primary metal used for this. Some helmets have 16-gauge steel construction as well. However, helmets with plastic construction are also available in some rare cases. But these also have a metal look with a realistic helmet look.

Visor: There are two types of Medieval helmets available depending on visor design. One has a visors design, and the other one has an open-end design. Helmets with visors provide a clear view of the outer world to ensure safety. It is also a better option for moderate breathability.

Chin straps: Without a proper and snug fit, you can never get any advantages from it. And the adjustable chin straps are the most appropriate option to ensure snug fitting. The adjustability of the straps also allows finding a proper fit depending on the face size.

Proper fitting: Chin straps and proper fit are two deeply related things. But there is another thing that impacts the fitting, and it is the size of the helmet. One should take the circumference of the head before moving on to purchase one helmet. Some helmets have one size fits all design, which is appropriate for any head size.

Comfort: The comfort depends a lot on the size, design, and also on padding inside. After choosing the right size, you need to check out the design first. You need to ensure it provides proper ventilation to the user for long-lasting use if there is a visor. Again, the inside padding must ensure a comfortable feel inside.

How much do medieval helmets cost?

The design and build quality are the two most important factors that make the price of a helmet. The manufacturer uses metal to construct these helmets, and the cost ranges from $60 to $85 mostly. However, the plastic ones could cost you less than $20 as well.

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