Grosse Messer vs. KriegMesser vs. Katana: Know all about

Regardless of the design of any sword, most swords are usable on battlefields. However, some swords are specialized in some particular things, and the same swords are bad at some things. This doesn’t mean Grosse Messer is better than Krieg Messer or Katana is better than Grosse Messer.

All these swords are medieval age swords and are highly praised for their usability in the wars. If you are a sword keeper and love to know about different swords, you shouldn't leave the article here. We'll discuss every detail of these three swords and make sure you know which one is better for which purpose.

Grosse Messer vs. KriegMesser vs. Katana

What is Grosse Messer

GrosseMesser image

Messer is a German word, which means knife, and both Grosse Messer and Krieg Messer means knife. Grosse Messer is mostly known as the great knife in the medieval period because of its extreme cutting and slicing ability.

Although through the word knife we typically understand a small dagger size something, Grosse Messer is different. It has a longer blade, which makes it more of a sword than a knife. Like other Messer, it also comes with a single-blade construction.

But you need to use both of your hands to handle this single-edged sword, which makes it different from most other Messer. However, they were still known as knives because of the hilt that came with a slab tang like a knife.

  1. A Grosse Messer is typically 42 to 44 inches long overall.
  2. The blade measures around 30 to 32 inches long.
  3. The hilt is 8 to 10 inches long.
  4. Typically the blade is 0.20 to 0.25 inches thick.
  5. It has a pointy tip for object penetration.

Instead of calling Grosse Messer a knife, it possesses all the abilities of a battle sword. The lengthier single-edged blade is made of carbon steel, which is sharp enough for accurate cutting. It is also known as a big knife for the long blade.

What is Kriegmesser

Krieg Messer is another type of Messer, which is called a knife but possesses battle sword qualities. It is known as War knife. Like other Messer, it also comes with a single blade. Unlike Grosse Messer, the user can handle it with one hand.

One-handed usage of the sword makes a great opportunity for the user to hold a shield on the other hand. It comes with a thinner blade, which provides a more acute cutting angle and sharper slices through the object.

Even the pointy tip of the Krieg Messer allows thrusting into the object with efficiency. The blade length of this sword or knife provides a better reach on the target. In the battles, it is often liked as a sidearm sword by most swordsmen.

  1. A Krieg Messer measures around 36 to 48 inches long.
  2. The blade length ranges from 28 to 40 inches.
  3. It comes with a 6 to 10 inches long hilt.
  4. Krieg Messer has single-edged blade.
  5. The blade has sprung steel construction.

As the blade comes with sprung steel construction, it needs to be sharpened for better performance. It is comparatively a softer blade than carbon steel. The one-handed handling option makes it a suitable sword for defensive movements.

What is Katana

katana image

Katana is the symbol of a Japanese Samurai warrior. So it is also known as the Samurai sword. It has a single-edged and curved blade. Although the blade is single-edged, it requires two hands to handle the sword because of the longer hilt.

The blade is lightweight enough to provide quick cuttings and also offers one-handed operation. However, you should use both hands for heavier blows. The flexibility and shock-absorbing design of the blade help to produce heavier blows. It is also known for its sharp executions.

The blade goes to the hilt area through a circular or square guard. This design keeps the sword holder's hand safe from any cutting or slicing. Compared to the other long battle swords, Katana has a unique design. The makers show their craftsmanship in constructing both blade and hilt.

  1. Katana comes with a single-edged, curved blade.
  2. The blade length ranges from 24 to 32 inches approximately.
  3. The hilt comes with a circular or square guard.
  4. Traditionally, the blade is made of specialized Japanese steel called tamahagane.

When the swordsmith finishes constructing the blade, they send it for polishing and ensure a shiny look on it. Historically, a Katana comes up with a scabbard or sheath. These scabbards or sheaths come with Lacquered wood, fish skin, brass, or copper construction.

Differences between Grosse Messer, Kriegmesser an atana

Although there is not much difference noticeable between Grosse Messer and Krieg Messer, some differences are noteworthy. However, Katana is completely a different type of sword compared to these Messer swords. Now let’s look at the differences between these swords at a glance.

Grosse Messer

Krieg Messer


30 to 32 inches blade length

28 to 40 inches blade length

24 to 32 inches blade length

Single-edged blade

Single-edged blade

Single-edged, curved blade

Slab tang hilt

Slab tang hilt

Circular or square guard hilt

Carbon steel blade

Sprung steel blade

Specialized tamahagane blade

Double-handed usable

Single-handed usable

Both single & double-handed are usable

Also known as a great knife

Also known as war knife

Also known as samurai knife

Is Messer better than a katana

Well, it depends on the purpose of the user, whether a Messer is better than a Katana or not. Although Messer is a single-edged knife-like weapon, it's considered a battle sword. However, Katana is a Japanese battle sword.

Katana has typically a shorter blade than Messer, which makes Messer a better choice for longer reach. Again, Katana can be well used for heavier blows by handling with two hands. Moreover, the flexible structure of the blade makes the blows more devastating.

However, Messer has a pointy tip that is used for thrusting it into the object. Also, the lightweight design of the Messer allows the user to hold a shield on the other hand for a proper defense. So, which one seems better, is up to you.

What a Grosse Messer offers

Grosse Messer is a big knife from the medieval age, and it supports the user greatly on the battlefield.

  1. It possesses extreme cutting and slicing power.
  2. The sharpness of the blade provides swift cutting.
  3. It is a durable sword.
  4. The lightweight design makes it easy to handle.
  5. It can thrust into the object with a pointy edge.

What a Kriegmesser offers

  1. It’s almost a similar sword to Grosse Messer and also a medieval battle sword.
  2. It allows holding a shield and forming a proper defense.
  3. The user can apply more techniques with this one.
  4. The crossguard ensures extra protection.
  5. With the extra blade length, it ensures a better reach.
  6. It provides smooth cutting with sharp back edges.

What a Katana offers

This Japanese samurai sword is also liked on the battlefields because of its unique design and abilities.

  1. With the flexible and shock-absorbent blade, it provides heavy blows.
  2. The sharpened edge ensures acute cutting.
  3. The lightweight design of the sword is great for quicker swings.
  4. It gives the swordsmen several advantages in the close combats.
  5. The user can quickly draw it from the scabbard or sheath.

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