How much does a swords cost?

The cost of swords depends on the type of sword you are looking for and also the purpose you are buying this for. There are swords for real combat fights, swords used for decorative purposes. But the price of both these swords ranges from $25 to $500. 

However, some users want to build their swords just like their own preference and these custom build swords remain on the pricier side. Their cost goes up to $1,000 typically.

swords cost

Cost of real swords

Cost of custom made swords

The reason behind calling them real swords is that they can withstand the rough usage of the users. They are made of quality materials and they can provide the users an optimal performance in combat fights or other uses. The cost of real swords ranges from around $150 to $500.


Real swords are made of carbon or spring steel. They are made to perform well in intense situations and withstand the heavy stress put on them. This type of sword comes with a full-sized tang. This full-sized tang design goes all way through the handle.

Not rust-resistant

Real swords are not made to keep in one place in idle mode; rather they are made for frequent use. That is why they are not resistant to rust. So when you keep them idle, they will rust quite easily.

The blade 

The price range of real swords is long and that means there are both cheap and high-grade swords available. The cheaper swords don’t come with a nicely finished blade and the blade is the first thing one buyer looks at in his sword. There are different styles of blade available in these swords and the price also varies depending on the style.

The handle

Without having a good grip over the sword, you can never have a nice performance on the platform. That is why you also need to put importance on buying a sword checking out the construction of the handle. A good rubber grip construction will provide you nice handling during combat fights.

Summing up all these things, one thing you need to keep in mind while buying a real sword and that is you don’t need to compromise the quality of the sword to save a bit of money. You may be able to save the money but won’t get the intended performance from the sword.

Cost of decorative swords

decorative swords

decorative swords

Decorative swords are a kind of real swords, but they are not used for combat fights or there is no real use for them. People buy this type of sword to decorate their house, living room, or any place. You can buy decorative swords spending from $25 to $100 or sometimes a bit more.


These swords are mainly bought by sword lovers, who like to make a collection of different styles of swords. They are typically made of stainless steel. They might look like a real sword, but actually, they are not. And such a sword is Vulcan Gear 33" Medieval Crusader Sword. It has detailed craftsmanship engravings on the pommel and guards.


Decorative swords are not made for use regularly; rather they are kept in a place as decorative equipment. That is why the manufacturer used rust-resistant stainless steel to construct. It prevents them from rust even after a long time of idleness because they are made for being idle.

The blade

 Like the real swords, they also have different styles of blades. But the difference between them is that decorative sword cannot cut or do other intensive works like the real ones. The blade of the decorative swords will break or bend under stress or more than moderate pressure.

The handle

 There is nothing much to say about the handle of these swords. They are well-designed and they can take you to the imaginative world through nice design. But it is not necessary to have a comfortable grip on the handle.

Cost of custom made swords

custom made swords

You have to spend a huge amount of money on a custom-made sword. According to my previous experience, the minimum cost of a custom-made sword remains around $1,000. The cost will definitely rise depending on your demand for design, length, and so on.

Different makers tend to take different amounts of money depending on their working experience and the demand of the customers. The more complicated the design is, the higher the price will be. The most beneficial side I found in a custom-made sword is that you can make the sword just like you have intended.

Probably a custom-made sword never disappoints a customer. Custom-made swords are not constructed as decorative equipment. They are used for real-life experience. You can tell the maker what type, design, length of sword you want and he will make it for you.

Cost of laser swords

laser swords

Laser sword emits light and there's where the cost rises for these swords. Typically these swords are not used for real purposes or fights. They are mostly used as kid’s toys or if you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, you might love TWODNBD 2-in-1 Laser Sword, Newest Light Up LED 7 Colors FX Dual Saber with Sound. The cost of laser swords ranges from $15 to $60.

Types of swords

There are different types of swords available in the market and they are used for different purposes. Here are some of the swords you might love to know.


It is a single-bladed sword and has a curved tip design. fengze Handmade Samurai Sword is a katana, which can sever a 7 inches thick object with ease. This katana comes with a wooden handle and it is covered with a 10mm thick black wire.


You have to handle the longsword with two handles. It comes with a longer grip than natural.


Carry the sword on your shoulder instead of a conventional waist carriage. It is the extended version of the longsword and it is also handled by two hands.


Rapier is used as a part of the defensive swords. It is a sword that has a pointy blade design.


It is another two-handed sword. This type of sword has a cruciform hilt, double-edged blade, and lobbed pommels on either side.

Short sword

Short swords come to the same size as a knife. The swords' design allows them to fall into the sword category rather than a knife.


The sword used in kendo fights is known as shinai. It is made of bamboo, and it’s also known as the bamboo sword.

Final words

There are more different types of swords available. Some of them have become antique and some are still used. But the price range remains the same as I mentioned above.

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