How to make a sword belt: Brief guides

When you wear a belt around the waist to carry a sword, which can also accommodate almost any type of scabbard is a sword belt. It is mostly used by the militaries, and leather is the most common material used to construct these belts.

The leather sword belt is worn around the waist area to hang the sword. It also allows the user to get easier access to his weapon when needed. Moreover, he can keep it safely with him as well. In this article, we will cover everything about sword belts and also tell how to make one.

How to make a sword belt

What is a sword belt?

A sword belt is commonly a leather belt, which is made to wear around the waist area and carry the sword safely and efficiently. The leather construction of the belt makes it strong enough to carry the weight of the sword.

  • Wearing a sword belt, one can easily get access to his sword in terms of need.
  • The sword belt also accommodates the sword frog as well to ensure a snug fit of the sword.
  • A scabbard keeps the sword blade safe from damage and also doesn’t let it hurt anyone. In the same manner, a sword belt keeps the sword with scabbard safely and snugly fit on the waist area.
  • Through a sword belt, you can keep the sword on the right size, left side, and even on the back depending on the comfort zone.
  • You can keep the sword in the sword belt in two different positions. The most common method is to hang the sword simply downward. Another method is to use a hook on the belt and raise the sword upwards.
  • A sword belt ensures the free movement of the user's arm even while carrying the sword.
  • You can attach a baldric on the shoulder to make the sword belt wearing more fit and perfect. It will then carry even the load of a heavier sword.
  • A sword belt can accommodate any size of a scabbard regardless of its structure.

Making a sword belt

Are you thinking to put on a military costume for the next party, where the battlefield is the theme? Well, your costume won't fulfill until you hold a sword and put it inside the scabbard. But how will you carry the sword?

It is very simple, just by wearing a sword belt around the waist area. But the problem arises when you don't have a sword belt and the party is about to start. Now let's see whether the following steps come in handy for you and let you make a sword belt successfully.

  • Before starting the sword belt-making process, you need to collect a few things. This includes long leather, belt buckle, measuring tape, pencil, paper, scissors, sewing chisel, and needle.
  • First, take measurements from the top of your shoulder to your dominant side. Then write it down on paper. Using this measurement cut a lengthier piece of leather.
  • Now you need a smaller piece of leather and narrower also. Cut another piece of leather to make the front side of the belt.
  • Then you need to do stitching and make all the leather parts together. Take the smaller leather piece and stitch. It is the part that comes over the shoulder of the user.
  • Take the needle and sewing chisel for the same job and make holes in the leather piece. The length of the smaller piece must reach the larger piece.
  • Now it's time to ensure a snug fit of the sword and for this, you need a scabbard. But a scabbard can only remain snugly fit when there is a sword frog. Cut a medium-size leather piece and attach it to the leather. It should be tight enough to take the load of the sword properly.
  • Attach the belt buckle at the end of the larger leather piece. Then stitch the loop shut according to the leather frog square size. Thus your sword belt is ready for use.

Why using a sword belt is essential

Is there any alternative to carrying more efficiently than wearing a sword belt? Well, I don't think so and that is the main reason to me as well as to other sword lovers, the usage of a sword belt seems essential.

  • To ensure the easy carriage of any sword, a sword belt comes in handy mostly.
  • It allows carrying the sword in several positions depending on the user’s comfort.
  • Even after wearing a snugly fit sword belt, one can still enjoy free movement of the arms and body.
  • You can easily take the sword out of the scabbard when it is placed snugly into the sword belt.
  • Almost every sword belt has an allotted spot from sword frog; some come with a built-in one as well. This makes perfect storage for any sword scabbard.

What is sword belts made out of

Hearing the name of sword belt, you might have already drawn a picture of it and most probably, it is a picture of a leather sword belt. Yes, definitely it would be a leather sword belt as almost every sword belt has a leather construction.

Some rare sword belt models have PVC or any combination construction. But when the question is about durability and long-term performance, there isn't any alternative to leather sword belts. Although a scabbard can come in even steel construction, a quality leather sword belt can make it properly fitted around the waist area every time.

How wide should be a sword belt

The width depends on the comfort and need of the user. Some like narrow belts, while some don't. But most commonly the width of a sword belt remains near 1 inch or less. Even if the width is less than 1 inch, it won't go passing 0.75 inches.

However, there isn't anything much to say about the length of the belt. Almost every sword belt has an adjustable buckle design, which allows you to find the perfect fit on the waist area. Also while choosing any belt, you should take a measurement of the user's waist for proper fitting.

Taking care of a sword belt

It doesn't matter how well constructed the sword belt is and how many dollars you spend behind it, if you don't take proper care, it won't last long. The durability and longevity of any sword belt depend on the take care.

As most belts are leather construction, you should try keeping them away from water. Even if it comes in contact with water, you should immediately make it clean before it creates any stains. Moreover, excessive heat and UV-ray can also damage the leather quality of the belt. So store it at a moderate temperature, away from these things.

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