Is EN45 high carbon steel good for swords?

EN45 high carbon steel is a good material for swords as it offers excellent durability, strength, hardness, wear-resistance, and resilience.

There is no worry about breaking or cracking these high steel carbon-constructed swords. It ensures you can enjoy convenient cutting and slashing.

Not every steel swords offer that much resistance from corrosion or wear, but EN45 is made to resist any kind of corrosion and wear. It ensures the longevity of the sword as well. Except for swords, it is a good choice for knives as well. Continue the article to go deep into EN45 steel and the swords constructed from this material.

Is EN45 high carbon steel good for swords

What is EN45 high carbon steel?

It is quite obvious that swords craftsmen or sword lovers have gone through the name of EN45 steel. It is a high carbon steel alloy, where EN refers to European Norme and the number refers to the maximum carbon percentage used in the steel.

  1. Unlike most other steels used in sword construction, EN45 is one of the strongest materials. The tensile strength and weldability of the steel distinguish them from the others.
  2. The unusual strength of the steel makes it an ideal choice for sword construction. However, makers of automobile leaf springs, heavy spring parts, hand tools, car gas tanks, construction items, and so on fancy using this steel as well.
  3. It is mostly used for blade tempering and oil hardening.

EN45 high carbon steel for swords

Are you still thinking, whether EN45 high carbon steel is good for swords or not? The hardness this steel offers is similar to cast iron and the durability ensures a long-lasting performance as well. Even during the hardest swing, the blade won’t break or crack.

Moreover, we can't ignore the fact of having an extra amount of silicon in the chemical composition of the sword. A high-end sword requires a high amount of silicon, which is present in EN45 high carbon steel. It increases the sharpness of the blade along with the strength. So making hard shots with precision is just a matter of time.

Is EN45 acceptable for use in battles?

Well, EN45 must not be the best combat fight swords, but it can still support you quite well in the battles. A rough and tough sword is mandatory in a battle to show your strength to the opponent. However, you need to have resistance on the steel blade as well.

Talking about EN45 steel, it is made from high carbon alloy. The durability offers sometimes goes over some specialized battle swords as well. The strength of the sword makes it an ideal choice for any fight. The hardness can also come in handy when you have defensive fighting thoughts.

EN45 high carbon steel chemical composition

With the mixture of different chemicals, the strength of EN45 steel increased a lot. Before knowing more about the strength of this steel, it is worth knowing about the chemical composition briefly.

Carbon: It has 0.64% of carbon, which makes the steel corrosion-resistant and also increases the hardness.

Silicon: It has 2.2% of silicon, which is enough to add the total strength of the steel alloy.

Chromium: It has 0.4% of chromium, which also improves corrosion and wear resistance. It is an excellent asset for improved tensile strength and edge retention.

Manganese: With 1% of manganese, the steel has an increment in hardness and brittleness.

Nickel: In the composition, there is 0.4% of nickel and it makes the steel blade much tougher.

Molybdenum: There is 0.1% of molybdenum, which increases machinability and strength.

Sulfur: With 0.04% of sulfur, the steel has an increment in machinability.

Phosphorus: It has 0.035% of phosphorus, which enhances its strength.

What is the hardness rating of EN45 steel?

According to the Rockwell scale of hardness, the hardness rating of EN45 steel ranges somewhere between 45 to 50 HRC. However, the rating can also go up to 58 HRC as well by proper heat treatment and tempering. The primary hardness rating of this steel makes it similar to cast iron.

In fact, it offers the same strength and hardness as a cast iron. It also makes the steel almost unbreakable and superbly durable in tough situations.

What special features EN45 offers

After reading about the chemical composition and hardness rating, one thing is obvious that this steel is far stronger than we thought and it offers something excellent to the sword craftsmen as well.

Corrosion-resistance: The inclusion of chromium in the structure makes the steel superbly resistant to corrosion.

Wear-resistance: With the mixture of carbon, silicon, and manganese ensures proper wear resistance.

Strength: The steel is highly strong and also tough because of the carbon, chromium, silicon, and manganese construction.

Sharpness: Unless the steel is sharpened by the makers, the user will find it difficult to sharpen it because of the hardness.

Edge retention: Because of the hardness it offers, you will enjoy moderate edge retention on the steel blade.

Where EN45 steels are used

The heavy-duty construction, durability, hardness, and tough structure make EN45 steel a suitable option for sword blade construction. However, there are some other uses of this steel, which you might love to know.

  1. It is an excellent material for construction car gas tanks.
  2. Different sharp knives, especially kitchen knives are often constructed from this steel.
  3. Hammers and other metal tools can also have EN45 steel construction.
  4. Where you need something corrosion-resistant, you can rely on this high-carbon steel.

EN45 high carbon steel swords

Hunt For Life Full Tang Battle Ready Hotspur Greatsword

This EN45 carbon steel blade is 43 inches long and 2 inches wide. However, the overall length of this steel sword is 58.25 inches. The blade comes with an unsharpened edge. It has a thickness of 4.45 mm. The handle is 15.25 inches and it comes with a wood & leather-wrapped design.

Norse Tradesman Spring Steel Viking sword

It comes with EN45 carbon spring steel blade construction, where the blade measures 30 inches in length and 2.12 inches in width. It is a semi-sharp, double-edged blade. However, the sword is 36.5 inches long. It has a 4 inches wooden handle, which has a leather wrap around.

Benefits of EN45 high carbon steel

Without benefits, you might not move on to EN45 steel leaving out your conventional blade materials if you are a sword craftsman.

  1. The steel is strong enough to take continuous swings from the opponent and stand against the hardest opposition with ease as well.
  2. The wear and corrosion-resistant structure of the steel ensure it will provide maximized durability to the user.
  3. It offers more than enough machinability, which most steel doesn’t offer.
  4. Even during the toughest conditions, the steel doesn't become prone to crack or break.
  5. The carbon with the mixture of other materials enhances its hardness and makes it a tougher sword forging material.

Disadvantages of EN45 high carbon steel

Even a good thing has some bad sides. And even after having such qualities, EN45 steel has some disadvantages that you need to know.

  1. The biggest disadvantage of this steel is the price. But you won’t mind spending a few more dollars to ensure extra strength and toughness to your sword.
  2. It doesn’t offer a higher tensile strength.
  3. Compared to other high-end steel, you might not find similar durability in it.

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