What swords would be suitable for home defense

What if someone unwanted broke into your house at night and he has a weapon in hand? You also need a weapon for self-defense right that moment, and a sword is an ideal solution for me.

There are swords with long blades and swords with short blades available. But for home defense, short-bladed swords seem to work better like our first pick Tomahawk Roman Gladius Sword. However, it also depends on the comfort of the user, which length he should buy.

You also need to master a few crucial techniques to use a sword as it is not as easy as operating a firearm. Don’t skip the buying to make the right sword selection.

best home defense sword

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Our top picks

Tomahawk Roman Gladius Sword: It comes with a 22 inches stainless steel blade and metal scabbard with a wood grain finish.

Ace Martial Arts Supply Pirate of Caribbean Cutlass Sword with Basket Guard: It has a 19.5 inches stainless steel blade with a steel knuckle guard on the handle area.

Onikiri K-580-CR 1045 Handmade Katana: It comes with a 1045 carbon steel blade, and the overall length of the sword is 41.5 inches.

Handmade Sharp Japanese Samurai Sword Musashi Wakizashi: It comes with 1045 carbon steel blade construction, and it is two-handed with 41 inches overall length.

Vulcan Gear Medieval Crusader Sword with Scabbard: It has a stainless steel blade with carbon steel color and a wooden scabbard.

K EXCLUSIVE 300 Spartan Warrior Replica Sword: It comes with a heat-tempered carbon steel blade and traditionally wrapped handle.

Cold Steel Hand-and-a-Half Sword: It comes with 1060 carbon steel construction and supports single and double-handed use.

Honshu Broadsword with Scabbard: It has a 33.375 inches long 1060 high carbon steel blade and rugged TPR hilt.

The Hobbit Officially Licensed Orcrist Sword Of Thorin Oakenshield: It comes with an AUS-6 stainless steel blade of 25-7/8 inches length and acrylic resin handle.

Best sword for home defense

1. Tomahawk Roman Gladius Sword


Brand: Tomahawk

Weight: 3 pounds

Key features

  1. The sword comes with a strong, 440 stainless steel blade.
  2. The blade is 22 inches long.
  3. It has an intricately etched detailed knotwork design on the blade.
  4. There is a metal scabbard with a wood grain finish.
  5. It has a metal guard and pommel with a faux wooden grip.
  6. The sword includes a hanging chain.

For sword collectors, who love to decorate their room with medieval swords, it is a good replica. Also, if you want a sword for the next Halloween party, you can have it without worrying about safety. Although it's a replica sword, the blade isn't sharpened.

The overall sword length is 30 inches, where the blade is 22 inches long. The wood grain finish scabbard ensures a realistic feel while carrying the sword.


  1. The blade isn’t sharpened for safe decoration.
  2. It provides a comfortable grip with the faux wooden grip.
  3. With the hanging chain and scabbard, it is easy to carry.
  4. It is an ideal piece for medieval sword collectors.
  5. The detailed knotwork design makes it a perfect replica sword.

2. Ace Martial Arts Supply Pirate of Caribbean Cutlass Sword with Basket Guard


Brand: Ace Martial Arts Supply

Weight: 2 pounds

Key features

  1. The sword comes with a 440 stainless steel blade.
  2. The blade is 19.5 inches long.
  3. It is slightly shaped and a partial tang sword.
  4. It has a black finished steel handle.
  5. There is a steel basket or knuckle guard available on the handle.
  6. The overall sword length is 27 inches.

When you are searching for a suitable word to complete the pirate costume, you should have a look at this sword. With the knuckle guard, it looks great to fulfill the costume. It is a one-handed sword, and because of the handguard or basket, you can't get your second hand inside.

The blade doesn't come sharpened from the manufacturer because of its usage. It is a safe weapon for collection and also cosplay-type activities.


  1. The unsharpened blade makes it safer to use.
  2. With the steel basket or knuckle guard, it is much convenient to have control over the sword.
  3. The scabbard keeps it protected.
  4. It is a great choice for pirate cosplay.

3. Onikiri K-580-CR 1045 Handmade Katana


Brand: Onikir

Weight: 3.7 pounds

Key features

  1. The sword comes with a handmade 1045 carbon steel blade.
  2. The blade is around 29 inches long.
  3. It has a white inster handle with two pins.
  4. There is a wrapped black cord around the handle.
  5. It comes with a black scabbard.
  6. The manufacturer included a sword bag.

Katanas are sharp blades, and unlike the other two swords, the manufacturer has tried keeping a minimum sharpness in the blade. It is not a razor-sharp blade, it can still provide precise cutting. The lengthier blade ensures better reach.

The handle has two pins, which are also wrapped with a black cord for a comfortable grip. Also, you don't have to worry about the swords' security or carriage. The sword bag and scabbard ensure convenient carrying and also keeps it safely stored.


  1. The sleek blade is easy to use.
  2. Although it is not razor-sharp, it can still cut.
  3. The scabbard keeps the sword safe and secure when in use.
  4. It is a sturdy sword.
  5. The handle is long enough to provide both-handed use.

4. Handmade Sharp Japanese Samurai Sword Musashi Wakizash


Brand: 1swords

Weight: 3.2 pounds

Key features

  1. The sword comes with 1045 carbon steel blade construction.
  2. The blade itself measures 29 inches.
  3. It is a two-handed sword.
  4. There is a black cloth wrapping on the lengthier handle.
  5. It comes with a sword bag.
  6. The overall length of the sword is 41 inches.

With the extra length and sharpness, the sword is always battle-ready. Although the blade is not fully razor-sharp, it can still cut through different objects smoothly. The user can also produce heavier blows as it supports two-handed usability.

There is nothing to worry about the grip as there is a black cloth wrapping around it. It ensures a comfortable grip while holding it. You can also safely keep it inside the sword bag while not using it and taking it on the go.


  1. The long blade provides better reach.
  2. It is sharp enough to precise cuts.
  3. With the cloth wrapping and long handle, it is easier to grip.
  4. It is a highly recommended sword in this price range.
  5. The sharpness of the blade makes it always battle-ready.

5. Vulcan Gear Medieval Crusader Sword with Scabbard


Brand: Vulcan Gear

Weight: 3.95 pounds

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used stainless steel to construct the blade.
  2. The blade is 28 inches long.
  3. It is a non-sharpened blade with a carbon steel color.
  4. There is a wooden scabbard available with the sword.
  5. The overall sword length is 42 inches.
  6. The handle and scabbard are wrapped with imitation black leather.

The whole design of the sword provides a realistic feel of medieval swords, but it doesn't have sharp blade edges. It is a suitable sword if you want one for the medieval costume. Also, if you are a sword collector this will be an ideal choice.

The manufacturer has added black imitation leather around the handle for a premium feel while holding it. Also, the scabbard is made of wood to ensure the highest amount of safety while storing and carrying the sword.


  1. Non-sharpened blade makes it perfect for decoration and cosplay.
  2. The lengthier blade provides a better reach.
  3. The inclusion of imitation black leather makes it much realistic.
  4. With the wooden scabbard, the sword stays safe and secure while not in use.

6. K EXCLUSIVE 300 Spartan Warrior Replica Sword



Weight: 3.7 pounds

Key features

  1. It is the exact replica sword of King Leonidas.
  2. The sword comes with a heat-tempered, solid carbon steel blade.
  3. The blade is 26 inches long and ½ inches thick.
  4. The overall sword length is 34.5 inches.
  5. It has a traditionally wrapped handle.
  6. The handle comes surrounded by the distinctive extended guard and pommel.

Well, if you are looking for a sword to complete your costume, it might not be the right choice for you. The blade comes with a strong construction of carbon steel and also has sharp edges. It becomes unsafe for the kids to handle such swords.

Also, there isn't any scabbard available with the sword for safe carrying. Only the adults should take care of the sword, and they can keep it as a new induction in the sword collection.


  1. The handle has leather straps that provide a better grip.
  2. The heat-tempered construction makes the sword always battle-ready.
  3. With the sharp, you will enjoy precise cuttings.
  4. The strength of the blade makes it almost indestructible.

7. Cold Steel Hand-and-a-Half Sword


Brand: Cold Steel

Weight: 3 pounds

Key features

  1. The sword comes has a 1060 carbon steel blade with a hard spring temper.
  2. The blade is 33.5 inches long and has two sharpened edges.
  3. The overall sword length is 45.5 inches.
  4. It is a single or double-handed sword.
  5. The wooden handle comes with black leather covering.
  6. It has a wooden scabbard with black leather covering.

It is a picture-perfect medieval sword for collecting and keeping as a home defense weapon. The blade is long enough to reach the target, and sharp edges make it battle-ready every time. Also, the user will find comfort handing it with a wooden handle that has a leather cover.

Another great side of the sword is the long handle. Due to the lightweight structure, it is one-handed usable. But you can also use both hands as the handle is long enough.


  1. The sword is quite a lightweight one and easier to handle.
  2. It is great for both defensive and offensive moves.
  3. The longer handle makes it suitable for both-handed use.
  4. The sharpness of the blade makes the sword always battle-ready.

8. Honshu Broadsword with Scabbard


Brand: Honshu

Weight: 5 pounds

Key features

  1. The sword comes with a sleek, 1060 high carbon steel blade.
  2. The blade is 33.375 inches long.
  3. The overall length of the sword is 43.5 inches.
  4. It has a rugged TPR hilt.
  5. The handguard and pommel come with a satin-finished stainless steel finish.
  6. There is a black wooden scabbard available with a leather belt hanger.

For home defense, this sword seems to be a great choice because of the aesthetic design it offers. It has a lightweight and sleek blade, which is convenient to operate. Also, with the sharp edges on both sides, the sword is always ready for the battle.

As it comes with a sharp-edged blade, it is necessary to ensure safety. And that is why the manufacturer has added a wooden scabbard.


  1. The sleek design makes the sword easier to handle.
  2. With the rugged TPR hilt, the sword won’t slip away from the grip.
  3. It remains safe inside the wooden scabbard while not in use.
  4. The blade is sharp on both sides and ready for battle.

9. The Hobbit Officially Licensed Orcrist Sword Of Thorin Oakenshield


Brand: United Cutlery

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Key features

  1. It is the official replica sword from LOTR movies and The Hobbits trilogy.
  2. The manufacturer used AUS-6 stainless steel to construct the blade.
  3. The blade is 25-7/8 inches long.
  4. The overall sword is 38.75 inches long.
  5. It has an acrylic resin handle.
  6. It comes with a wood grain finish and silk screen graphic.

If you are a fan of the Hobbits trilogy or LOTR, you should purchase this sword for your collection. It is the exact replica of the sword used in these movies. The stainless steel blade is long-lasting and realistic as well.

It also has an acrylic resin handle for better control of the grip. The handle makes it suitable for one-handed use. The sword with a wood grain finish enhances the beauty for sure.


  1. The sword is an exact copy of that one used in LOTR and the Hobbits trilogy.
  2. The blade is capable enough for home defense.
  3. You will have a comfortable grip on the acrylic resin handle.

How to choose swords for home defense

What do you think, it's easy to purchase any sword and keep it as a home defense? Nope, it's not that easy because everyone has his comfort zone of handling a sword. Here are some crucial things you need to know before choosing a sword for home defense.

  • First, decide whether you need a long sword or a short sword.
  • Blade construction and length are crucial here.
  • Swords supporting both single and double-handed usage are worth buying.
  • The handle should have a leather wrap.
  • A wooden scabbard is necessary for the sword’s safety.

Let’s get into these things a bit more closely to ease the buying process.

The comfort of the user: Nor everyone likes long swords, neither everyone like short swords. It's up to the comfort of the user that, which type of sword he should purchase. Long swords will provide a better reach, whereas short swords are a great choice for close combats.

However, most buyers prefer using short swords for home defense because they are easier to handle.

Blade length: As I already said, there are both short and long swords like cold steel polish saber, and this classification mainly depends on the blade length. There are blades of 20 inches as well as a blade of around 30 inches available.

Blade construction: There are mainly two types of materials, more specifically steel used to construct sword blades. The first one is carbon steel, and the second one is stainless steel. Carbon steel is comparatively more powerful and produces precise cuts compared to stainless steel.

Most carbon steel blades come with sharp edges like t10 katana on both sides that makes them battle-ready. However, you may not get enough sharpness in stainless steel blades, and sometimes it doesn't offer any sharpness at all.

Handle: There are both wooden and steel handles available in different types of swords. It doesn't matter what the handle is made of, but it should offer a better grip. A wrap of leather cover can ensure better grip on the handle. It also prevents the sword from slipping off the handle while swinging.

Single or double-handed: Some swords offer single-handed use, and some offer double-handed. But there are some other words, which offer both single and double-handed usage, and this type is the ideal one for home defense. You never know what condition you are going to face in the future when you need the sword.

If the sword supports both-handed usages, it would be a plus point for any user. The usage depends on the weight and length, which must not be too much.  

Scabbard and sword bag: Keeping a sword with sharp edges without any cover is never a safe one for the kids. While buying, you must ensure having a quality wooden scabbard that can keep the sword safe and secure. Also, the addition of a sword bag can make the transportation of the sword much convenient.

Why swords is a good home defense weapon

There are few reasons why most users admit that sword is a good weapon for home defense. You might also love to know the reasons.

  • Most localities permit keeping sharp-bladed swords as decoration.
  • There are various types of swords available.
  • It is easy to unarm the opponent using a sword.
  • A trained swordsman can easily operate it.

Disadvantages of using swords for home defense

However, you might find it difficult to defend yourself when you don't know how to operate a sword correctly. So here are the disadvantages of swords for home defense.

  • Without being trained, a sword can cause self-injury.
  • The sharp-edged blades are unsafe for the kids in the house.
  • It becomes almost useless against continuous firings from the opponent.

Is it is legal to use swords for home defense

There aren’t many strict rules about keeping swords at home compared to a gun or other firearm keeping. It means it is legal to use swords for home defense. However, before taking the final decision, one should have a close look at the state laws or what is the law in the region he lives in regarding sword keeping.

Different states might impose different rules, but most of the time it’s legal. People are allowed to collect swords even with sharp blades and medieval helmets. So, if someone uses one of them for self-defense, it shouldn't be a crime.

What is the cost of home defense swords?

The cost of swords for home defense typically ranges from $45 to $70. The cost varies on the design and blade material mostly. However, some historical and high-end swords can also cost more than $200.


Can you defend your home with a sword?

Yes, if someone is trained at the operating sword, that person can defend his home with a sword.

Which is better, sword or gun?

Considering the legality, a sword is a better choice for home defense.

Is a katana good for home defense?

If you are familiar with swords with razor-sharp blades, you will find katana good for home defense.

Is the machete a useful weapon for home defense?

As a machete offers a cheap but effective blade, it is definitely a useful home defense weapon.

Final words

When the question is about your family members’ safety, you should owe a perfect weapon. But remember, it can also become a nightmare handling a sword if you don’t have any basic knowledge or experience. So train yourself first and then purchase a suitable one.

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