T10 katana reviews: Is t10 katana good

If you are looking for katana with strong and durable blade construction, then t10 katana is the ideal solution for you. You might purchase the katana as a medieval weapon to enhance your sword collection. But with the sharpness of the blade, you can also use it as a real weapon.

Our first pick TRUEKATANA Handmade Black T10 Steel Real Japanese Katana Samurai Swords has a long blade of 28.3 inches, and the other blades in the list are also near this measurement. Checking out the thickness and width of the blade is also necessary.

Don’t miss the buying guide for more details about t10 katana to make the buying process easier.

Best T10 katana

Best T10 katana

1. TRUEKATANA Handmade Black T10 Steel Real Japanese Katana Samurai Swords



Weight: 2.85 pounds

Key features

  1. The sword comes with a handmade, high-grade t10 carbon steel blade.
  2. The blade is 28.3 inches long and 1.18 inches wide.
  3. The handle is 10.2 inches long.
  4. It has alloy Tsuba and wooden saya.
  5. It is a full tang blade sword.
  6. The sharpened blade has a chrome finish.

It is a perfect katana for modern combats as it comes with a strong, high-grade t10 steel blade construction. The length of the blade allows the user to have a better reach of the target. Also, with the longer handle, one can hold it using two hands for stronger blows.

The blade is hand-forged and extremely heat-treated. It means you will get a precise cutting from it. With the wooden saya or scabbard, you can store the sharpened blade safely anywhere you prefer.


  1. The sharp blade makes the sword battle-ready.
  2. Alloy fittings ensure the durability of the sword.
  3. The construction offers high-performance hardness and flexibility.
  4. The lengthier blade provides a better reach.
  5. It produces a real Hamon line with clay tempering.

2. RYUJIN HATAMOTO Series 42" Handmade T10 Carbon Steel



Weight: 2.9 pounds

Key features

  1. The sword has a t10 high-carbon steel blade.
  2. The blade is 27.5 inches long and full tang design.
  3. The handle is 11.5 inches long and made of rayon.
  4. The Tsuba comes with 1045 carbon steel construction with a real gold coating.
  5. There is a black wooden scabbard available.

With the length and sharpness, there is nothing to worry about with the sword. The sharp edges can provide deadly cuts on the target. Also, with the long handle, you can handle it with both hands for extra powerful blows.

There is a wooden scabbard available with the sword to keep it out of reach from the kids and ensure their safety.


  1. The full tang blade design ensures precise cutting.
  2. The sword stays safe and secure with the black wooden scabbard while not in use.
  3. It has a long enough blade for a better reach.
  4. The sharp edge blade makes the blade always ready to cut.

3. Handmade Katana t10 High Carbon Steel


Brand: Handmade Katana

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Key features

  1. The sword has a t10 high carbon steel blade.
  2. The blade is 27.8 inches long.
  3. The blade is 3.2 inches wide near habaki and 2.3 inches wide near kissaki.
  4. It has a hard wooden and ray skin handle construction.
  5. The Tsuba comes with iron construction.
  6. It has a full tang blade with a unokubi-zukuri shape.

If the blade is made of high-quality carbon steel like t10, the sword is worth buying. The makers have made this sword with a long blade and handle. The blade has a high gloss finish for a superior feel. The cutting edges are sharp enough for real Samurai battles.


  1. The multiple-grade sharpening of the blade made it battle-ready.
  2. It offers a real cutting edge.
  3. The solid metal fittings enhance durability.
  4. The unique blade shape provides perfect swings every time.

4. siwode The Walking Dead Michonne's Katana Sword


Brand: siwode

Weight: 3.1 pounds

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used clay tempered, high-grade t10 carbon steel to construct the blade.
  2. The blade is 28 inches long and 0.27 inches thick.
  3. It comes with brass Tsuba.
  4. The handle has real ray skin core construction, and it is 11 inches long.
  5. It also includes a PU leather saya or scabbard.  

Collecting is definitely amazingly thin, a, and when you can guarantee safety, you should go for it. This katana has a razor-sharp blade construction, but it is still safe to buy. The inclusion of a leather scabbard keeps it safe inside the house while storing and protects the user while taking it on the go.


  1. The carbon steel blade makes it a top-quality katana.
  2. It has a razor-sharp blade for precise cuttings.
  3. It is worth to money sword.
  4. The artistic pattern enhances the beauty of the sword.

5. DTYES Samurai Sword Real Katana Sword Real Sharp Samurai Swords


Brand: DTYES

Weight: 2.76 pounds

Key features:

  1. The sword comes with a 1095 high carbon steel blade with a black-baked finish.
  2. The blade is 27.95 inches long and 1.26 inches wide.
  3. The handle is 10.24 inches long.
  4. The sword has strong, pure alloy material fittings.
  5. It has a solid wooden paint-grain scabbard.
  6. The blade has a full tang design.

With a quality hand-forging, the sword is worth buying. It offers a strong setup for long-time use and precise cuts. However, there isn't any worry about the sword slipping away from the hand because it produces a similar grip even after sweating a lot.


  1. The sword comes in hand-made following ancient forging.
  2. The blade has a polished surface.
  3. It can produce precise cuts through the higher hardness and sharpness of the blade.
  4. It won’t damage easily because of the alloy material strength.
  5. The handle is slip-resistant.

6. entez Handmade Katana Sword, Japanese Samurai Sword


Brand: entez

Weight: 3.6 pounds

Key features:

  1. The sword comes with clay tempered, t10 high carbon steel blade construction.
  2. The blade is 27.95 inches long.
  3. The handle is 10.24 inches long.
  4. The manufacturer used strong alloy materials for the fittings.
  5. It has elaborate patterns on the surface.
  6. There is a sweat-absorbing, anti-skid cotton rope available on the solid wooden hilt.

It is another sword on the list, which has a slip-resistant handle. With the sweat absorbing and non-skid handle structure, you can use it for a long time. Also, it is easy to take wherever you want by putting it inside the wooden scabbard.


  1. With the polished, mirror-like surface, it is easy to cut through objects.
  2. The sword handle is slip-resistant with a sweat-absorbing, non-skid cotton rope around.
  3. It offers safe traveling and storing with a solid wooden scabbard.
  4. The clay temper forging process provides both flexibility and toughness.

7. MURASAME Katana Sword Clay Tempered T10 Steel



Weight: 3.1 pounds

Key features:

  1. The manufacturer used clay tempered t10 high carbon steel to forge the blade.
  2. The blade is 28 inches long.
  3. The blade is 1.26 inches near habaki and 0.91 inches near kissaki.
  4. It has real ray skin and a hard wooden handle of 10.2 inches long.
  5. There are brass fittings used in the sword.
  6. It includes a hard wooden saya.

It is another t10 carbon steel sword with a razor-sharp blade. It doesn't matter whether you want to keep it as a collection of swords or want to use it; the razor-sharp blade can always come in handy. 


  1. The hardness and elasticity of the blade make it battle-ready.
  2. With the razor-sharp blade, you can use it as a real cutting sword.
  3. It is a durable one with a solid brass material fitting.
  4. The sword remains safe and secure inside the wooden scabbard.

8. Things to consider before buying a t10 katana

There are a few basic things, a buyer needs to consider before buying any t10 katana.

  • You mustn't choose a sword without a t10 high carbon steel blade.
  • The blade length should be around 28 inches.
  • With the wooden scabbard, the blade becomes safer to store and carry.
  • A slip-resistant handle is necessary for long time use.
  • Solid brass material fittings can enhance durability.

When you ensure these basic things in a t10 katana, the design and brand won’t matter a lot.

Blade construction: No matter which t10 katana you buy, it should be made of t10 high carbon steel. A handmade blade following the ancient forging system. This structure also forms sharp edges of the blade. The sharpened edge can produce precise cutting like a real sword as well.

Blade size: While talking about the size, you need to focus on the blades’ length and the length typically ranges from 28 to 29 inches. It is more like the length of a cold steel polish saber. However, the width will differ near kissaki and habaki. You won’t find any quality t10 katana with a thickness of more than 0.3 inches.

Handle construction: Wooden handle is the first choice for any katana lover, but it must be high-quality. However, what you should look for in the handle is slip resistance. The handle should have a wrap of cotton to absorb sweat and provide a non-skid structure.

A slip-resistant sword is a long time usable with safety. But still, it is better to put on a medieval sword during combat fights.

Handle size: As the blade, the handle is also longer in t10 katana. On average, the handle is 10 inches or a bit lengthier. As katana is not a heavier sword, it is one-handed usable. However, the extra length of the handle also supports double-handed use for powerful blows.

Fittings: The durability depends a lot on the fittings. Most renowned sword manufacturing companies rely on brass metals for solid fittings. The more solid the fitting is, the less the sword becomes prone to damage.

Scabbard: A wooden or leather scabbard is indeed a necessary thing for a sharpened t10 katana. While you are storing it or carrying it anywhere, safety matters. The sharpened edges can become deadlier in time. But the wooden scabbard will keep the blade inside to ensure safety.

Is t10 katana good

Yes, the t10 katana is a good sword because it has a high-grade t10 carbon steel blade. There are many reasons why t10 carbon steel is regarded as good steel for katana. You might love to read about Grosse Messer vs. Kriegmesser vs. katana.

  • This high-carbon steel forges a sharp blade.
  • The use of tungsten makes the blade highly durable.
  • With the ancient forging, it works like a real sword.
  • It has more than enough elasticity and flexibility.

How much does t10 katana cost?

T10 katana comes with top-quality construction, and it is definitely worth to price product. The cost of t10 katana ranges from $130 to $230. The inclusion of a wooden scabbard or extra features like sweat-absorbing and slip-resistant handles makes difference in the price mainly.

Properties of t10 steel

As t10 carbon steel is regarded as good material to forge katana blades, it's necessary to know the elements of the steel.

  • 0.95 to 1.04% of carbon
  • ≤0.35% of silicon.
  • ≤0.4% of manganese.
  • ≤0.035% phosphorous.
  • And ≤0.03% of sulfur.


Is t10 good sword steel?

Yes, t10 is definitely good sword steel to forge a katana.

What is the minimum required material for a katana blade?

1045 carbon steel is the minimum required material for a katana blade.

Which is better, carbon steel or stainless steel?

For a real battle sword, carbon steel is always better than stainless steel.

Is it legal to walk around with a t10 katana?

In most states, it is illegal to walk around with a t10 katana.

For strong forged blades and superior cutting ability, t10 carbon steel is a great material for katana. However, you should also ensure the basic features of a t10 katana and only then purchase it.

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