What is Thanos sword made of !

Well, there is no pure evidence of what is used to make Thanos's sword. However, the sword was built using one of the strongest materials on earth for sure. Materials like VIbranium, Adamantium, Plandanium, or Cogmium may have been used to construct the sword.

The question about the construction of Thanos sword risen after, he cut break Captain America's shield in Avengers End game. Now let's try to find out a suitable answer to the question.

What is Thanos sword made of

What is Thanos sword called?

Thanos sword is called a double-edged weapon because it has a double-edged blade designed. Also, the sword has a dual blade in the sword. It allows him to swing the sword powerfully from both directions to create stronger blows to the target. The double-edged design of the sword is enough for a massacre.

Capabilities of Thanos sword

Thanos sword

Thanos holds a huge double-edged sword in Avengers Endgame and he broke Caps with only two powerful blows from the sword. So it must have some extra capabilities compared to the melee weapon. During the days of a warlord, this double-edged blade was Thanos’ main weapon.

  • Throwing weapon: Thanos could use the sword as a throwing weapon because he didn’t have to move an inch to get it back. After doing the task, the sword will return to him like a boomerang.
  • Forming a circle: The guards of the sword are also capable of forming a circle. The circle enables the blades of the sword to spin at a great speed.
  • Withstand blows from Stormbreaker and Mjolnir: Stormbreaker and Mjolnir are both Thor’s weapons, and Thanos’ sword could withstand the strong blows from these two strong weapons as well. The reason behind this, Thanos sword is made of more durable and sturdy materials than URU, which is used to make Stormbreaker and Mjolnir.
  • Break Vibranium: The fascinating part of Thanos's sword is to break the Vibranium shield. Cap’s shield was made of Vibranium, which is regarded as the strongest metal on earth. But the sword break on side of the shield with two mighty blows.

What was used to make Thanos sword?

Thanos sword is made out of strong, sturdy, and durable materials that could stand against the strongest avenger weapons like Cap’s shield, Thor’s Stormbreaker, and Mjolnir. There is no proper answer to the question though. There are the three strongest metals on earth available according to the MCU franchise.

  • Vibranium: According to MCU movies, specifically Black Panther, it is well known that Vibranium is the strongest metal on earth. So breaking it with a less strong metal or metallic weapon is almost impossible. In that sense, Thanos's weapon isn’t made from a weaker metal than Vibranium.
  • It may be made of Vbiranium or Vibranium alloy. However, one thing you need to remember that although Cap's shield is constructed of Vibranium, it is not completely unbreakable. Moreover, Tchalla’s claws are also made of vibranium.
  • URU: Uru is another stronger metal on the earth. It is used to construct Thor’s Stormbreaker and Mjolnir. So Thanos could use the Uru along with Vibranium as well to make his sword stronger.
  • Adamantium: This metal is used to make the claws of Wolverine stronger. It wouldn’t be so surprising if Thanos used Adamantium to build the sword.
  • Plandanium & Cogmium: These are the two least strong metals on earth compared to the top three. The space knights of Galador used plandanium to make their armor.

As Thanos is a universal warlord, he has access to different worlds except for earth. Maybe, vibranium is the strongest metal, but Thanos has successfully broken a vibranium shield that proves, his sword is made of a stronger material than vibranium.

How did Thanos’ blade cut through vibranium

Captain America’s shield was made of Vibranium or vibranium and adamantium alloy.

And according to MCU, it is the strongest metal on earth. But how could Thanos’ blade cut through this vibranium sword? That’s a burning question in the mind of Cap’s fans.

You need to go through a few crucial factors before knowing the reason for cutting the vibranium shield by Thanos’ blade.

  • Strongest metal but not unbreakable: In Captain America: The first avenger, it was said that vibranium is one of the stronger metals on the earth and also stronger than steel. So it wasn’t the strongest then. But in Black Panther, it was said that vibranium is the strongest metal on earth.
  • However, even if it is the strongest metal, it is not unbreakable at all in MCU. Every strongest metal has a limit of durability, and can’t withstand more force than the limit. So as the Caps shield and as a result, two stronger blows from Thanos blade cut through the vibranium shield.
  • Maybe it wasn’t the original one: Cap’s original shield is vibration-absorbent and Thanos could be thrown away soon after he stroked the shield. But nothing much happened. If you guys remember, in the endgame, Ironman said that he had made the shield for him (Cap). It indirectly means it’s not the original vibranium shield.
  • Cap’s mistake: Well, most of you might have ignored that there was a slight mistake from our Captain America done while Thanos was striking the shield. He defended the blows from Thanos through the edge of the shield, not the center.
  • If the strikes were defended in the center, it could have withstood the mighty blows from Thanos because of the vibration-absorbent structure.
  • The dual-blade sword: The sword itself is a stronger one and the dual-blade design increases the strength a lot. The sharpened dual blade sword could cut through any strong metals for sure.
  • Strength of Thanos: As there is a durability limit in every strong metal, the strength of the striker and the defender is also a key factor here. As Thanos's sword isn’t made of less strong metal than Cap’s shield, and it is paired with the mighty strength of Thanos himself, it becomes almost impossible to bear the strong blows twice.

Is Thanos sword stronger than vibranium

Of course, Thanos's sword is stronger than Vibranium. The reason is that Cap has the strongest metal used in his shield available on the earth. But it took only two mighty blows for Thanos to break the shield in half. It means his sword is made of stronger materials than vibranium.

It could possibly be vibranium itself or a mixture of some other strong metals of the world.

Is Thanos sword breakable?

Though it seems that Thanos's sword is unbreakable, Scarlet witch or Wanda proved it wrong. From her first appearance in Avengers: The Age of Ultron, she showed her superpowers and capabilities. Also, it is stated that her powers are connected closely to her emotion and her overall mental state.

When all the heroes fall in front of Thanos, Wanda alongside Captain Marvel faced off with Thanos. And using her superpowers, she broke Thanos's sword. The situation was almost like she is going to defeat Thanos on her own. But somehow Thanos escaped her using his armies.

Is Thanos’ sword stronger than Thor’s hammer?

Where Thanos breaks the Cap’s shield in two blows, possibly it is also stronger than Thor’s hammer. In Avengers: The Age of Ultron, Thor tried something like Thanos did to Cap’s shield but failed. The reason is that the shield is made from the strongest metal on the earth, vibranium.

However, Thor’s hammer is made from Uru that is one of the stronger metals. And if Thanos’ sword wasn’t made of far stronger metal than vibranium, it wouldn’t have broke Cap’s shield in seconds. In that sense, Thanos's sword is way stronger than Thor’s hammer.

Final words

Although there isn’t any definite answer to the question, after reading the whole article you guys might have understood what possibly Thanos has used to build his double-edged sword.

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